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Association Oath Rolls: City of London Livery Companies, 1696
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Association Oath Rolls: City of London Livery Companies, 1696
Oath rolls are an underused (though often difficult to use in their original formats) source of individuals' names in the 16th to early 18th centuries. They could contain the names of a substantial proportion of the adult male population within the areas which they covered, and so offer a valuable pre-19th century "census substitute".

Oaths of allegiance were used to secure the loyalty to the sovereign and to help identify potential opponents. They were relatively common in in post-Reformation and revolutionary England.

The Association Oath followed the discovery in 1696 of a plot to assassinate William III. This dataset is a transcription of the Association Oath Rolls for the City of London Livery Companies. It contains the names of over 21,500 members of 77 livery companies.

(It is likely that for most Companies the great majority of members would have signed the Oath Roll. Exceptions are: the Watermen's Company, whose list of 1,445 signatories notes that at least 4,000 members were already in the King's Service and so could not sign the roll; and the Musicians, whose roll contains 34 names while the rest of the members are in the King's Service and could not be found.

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