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Scots Origins Discussion Group

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If you wish to select one of these options, rather than just to receive all of the emails individually, go to the group's home page and click the "Sign In" button.

How to un-subscribe
To leave the Scots Origins discussion group either:
ALL messages will be moderated by the group owner to ensure that the content is suitable for displaying the message on the web and for emailing to the group members. Although this may result in a delay between sending messages to the group and the messages reaching members, it allows the blocking of mail that abuses the service.

These guidelines are not an attempt to limit the content or style of postings, but to help ensure that postings can be moderated, read and understood with greater ease. Some of the guidelines are intended to improve the relevance of postings to the members of the group.
  1. All messages MUST be sent as plain text only. Messages sent in HTML format will not be posted. If you are unsure of how to check the format your emails are sent in, please contact stating what mail program you use, eg Outlook Express, Netscape Mail.

  2. To decrease the size of the emails, if you are replying to a message please DO NOT include the full original message in your reply. Put the subject of the original message prefixed with "Re:" in the Subject line of your reply. Put a couple of lines at the top of the message to indicate the author, subject and message number if known. Please cut out the original message to reduce the amount of unnecessary text and paste any text from the original message into the relevant section of the reply.

    Keep it clean and basic - If the original message has been inserted automatically or in full, your message will be REJECTED.

    NOTE: The above guidelines will be enforced rigorously. If your message does not comply it will be rejected.

  3. Replies to messages should have the same subject line as the original message (with "Re:" inserted in front)

  4. Recommendations:
    1. If your email is a message of thanks to an individual which contains no new information, the email should be sent direct to that individual.
    2. If when replying you feel that your comments will only be of relevance to the person you are replying to, please do not post the message the group - send it to the individual.
    3. If you are posting a new message that is of a specific nature and you would prefer to have any replies sent direct to yourself, please mention this and insert your email address under your name at the end of the email.

  5. Please remove any "white space" and "rubbish" text in your email. (Such as "Do you Yahoo?" and "To unsubscribe....".) This will reduce the time it takes users to download the messages and makes the digest emails easier to read.

  6. If you want to include an attachment send the email direct to the with the file attached. The moderator will then upload the file to the attachment vault. (Refer to the attachment within your email, which will be forwarded to the group.

What you gain by following the guidelines
The guidelines should reduce the amount of irrelevant text in messages making them easier and clearer to read.

If you are following replies to other messages/topics, it will be easy to recognise which messages are connected since they will have common subject lines.

If you do not want to read replies to other people change your personal delivery mode to Summaries. At the end of every day you will receive the subjects of every message sent that day, each one will have a link to the web page containing the message. Because of the guidelines you will be able to select messages without a "Re:" prefix knowing that they are new messages not replies.

Service abuse
Any "abuse" of the service will result in permanent termination of the members subscription. "Abuse" includes, but is not limited to, trying to send adverts to the group, sending offensive material either graphic or textual or block emailing on a large scale. It is the responsibility of the group members to ensure that the service is used in a correct manner.

Members' personal information
Members' personal information, such as email addresses, will only be available to staff, and WILL NOT be given to any other organisation other than any future parent, partner or successor company of OMS Services Ltd in the UK or elsewhere. The only time that email addresses will be available to other members is when a member sends mail to the group; however this is an inherent property of sending email.

Comments, questions & help
If you have any comments or questions then please email the group owner at

The Scots Origins discussion group has been set up and is moderated by staff but the facility is hosted by Yahoo! Inc., to which any queries about service problems or interruptions should be directed. Help is available from Yahoo! Groups Inc on all aspects of their discussion groups.