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Irish Genealogy Research: Recovering from the Four Courts losses
Griffith's Valuation  1847-1864
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Please Note: Unfortunately we do not have maps of Northern Ireland at this time (Counties: Antrim, Armagh, Londonderry, Down, Fermanagh, Tyrone).

About Griffith's Valuation 1847-1864
Because most of the census records for the nineteenth century were destroyed in 1922, when the Public Records Office was burned down, Griffith's Valuation represents the most comprehensive survey of households available for the period. For this reason, it is a principal tool of genealogists and local historians.

What is Griffith's Valuation?
The valuation of Ireland (technically known as the Primary Valuation of Tenements) was completed between the years 1847 and 1864 and has become known as Griffith's Valuation partly because of the influence of its Director, Richard Griffith.

This massive project was undertaken to assess the payment of various local taxes by the people of Ireland. These taxes were linked to the value of property occupied by each tax payer. The results of the valuers' work were published in a series of over 300 volumes detailing the names of all the property occupiers (not simply owners) in Ireland and the value of their house and land.

Wide coverage
The valuation covers the entire country: every property in Ireland was included in the valuation, with the occupier's name (as well as the name of the person to whom the occupier paid rent). The occupier would generally be the head of the household.

The valuation covers not just houses, but also buildings and land of any description, and so lists every landholder and occupier who paid rates in Ireland. Genealogists and family historians will be able to find a wealth of information to link together family members, as well as giving an indication of how their ancestors lived.

Entire survey published
Unlike previous attempts to index or publish Griffith's Valuation, this will be the first time the entire survey has been published since it was originally issued in the 19th century. This edition contains all the original publications, revisions and amended versions that were published over the 17 years it took to complete the valuation.

No library in any country in the world, including Ireland, has a full set of Griffith's Valuation. So for the first time users of the new web edition can be sure that they have all the source material at hand in one place.

You can search a complete database of personal and place names, and then access scanned images of the original published pages.

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