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Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-18
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Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-18
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Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-18
World War One, 1914-1918, witnessed mobilisation and destruction on a scale the world had never witnessed before. The celebrations that greeted the beginning of the war quickly faded as the horror of trench warfare and the advancements in the weapons industry became apparent. With approximately sixty five million men mobilised during the war period, by all sides, over fifty-five percent were classified as dead, wounded, prisoner or missing. The scale of destruction and death was unprecedented.

The objective of these eight volumes was to preserve the names of over 49,600 Irishmen who lost their lives fighting in the war. The collection, published in 1923, was compiled by The Committee of the Irish National War Memorial and was lavishly illustrated by the Irish artist Harry Clarke. It is the most complete record known and is unique in many ways.

Name, rank, regiment, regimental number, and in most cases, county/place of birth, and place and date of death are recorded. Subscribers can also view the original printed publication for every entry which may contain more information.

All 32 counties in Ireland lost men in the Great War. It is likely that every village, town and city in Ireland at the time was touched in some way by the loss.

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