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British Family History Research

Origins are pleased to announce a series of bespoke research packages for England and Wales provided by Sticks Research Agency, the organisation behind BBC’s triple BAFTA nominated series Who Do You Think You Are?.

Sticks Research Agency senior researchers can quality check your work to date, confirm the accuracy of your family tree, suggest further research, or confirm that you have hit the end of road for a particular line. This can be done via a one-to-one meeting, or via submitted research notes and documentation.

Our researchers can tackle areas where you have hit a brick wall, including a search for an elusive ancestor, or obtaining material from specialist archives. We can also build your family tree from scratch, based on evidence from main sources with associated social and historical context.
Research Packages
After purchasing a research package you will receive a gift certificate which can redeemed by contacting the research team via their website or by email

You will then work with a researcher to examine areas to cover; provide information you already have; and to discuss a timeframe for research. All packages include obtaining relevant documentation (certificates etc) and other expenses incurred during the research.
1 day Research Package
Suitable for specific problem solving, or simple verification of a section of your family tree.

Price:  £345.00
3 days Research Package
Suitable for verification of an existing family tree, with possible extension of selected areas.

Price:  £948.75
5 days Research Package
Suitable for the initial construction of a family tree with relevant social and historical context.

Price:  £1,437.50
Additional Day Research
Subsequent days to supplement research packages

Price:  £345.00
About Sticks Research Agency
Dr Nick Barratt Sticks Research Agency has been behind TV and Radio programmes including, Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC), Secrets from the Attic (ITV), Tracing Your Roots (BBC Radio 4), So You Think You’re Royal (Sky One), Hidden House Histories (History Channel), and Empire’s Children (Channel 4). It is run by Dr Nick Barratt, historian and broadcaster.

Sticks Research Agency can help you uncover more information about a specific ancestor, placing them in their historical and social context; shape the next stage of your family tree, working back from clues already gathered from the Origins site, to help you to solve more specific problems that have arisen during your investigations; or even begin your research from scratch if you don’t have the time or experience to do it yourself. Researchers are qualified historians or genealogists, having worked in the field for a number of years. Credentials can be provided on request.

Dr Nick Barratt obtained a PhD in history from King's College London in 1996, and in the same year began working for the Public Records Office (later TNA) before moving to the BBC as in-house specialist researcher. In 2000, Nick established Sticks Research Agency (SRA), Nick is founder and CEO of SRA.