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Beyond the Census and BMDs:
The importance of probate documents to the family history researcher
Presented at Who Do You Think You Are LIVE, London, February 2013
by Ian Galbraith, Founder & CEO of
Presentation includes:
  • The importance of probate records:
    The richest single source for genealogy, family history, social & local history.
    Censuses & parish registers provide the skeleton - probate records provide the flesh.
  • What can probate records tell you:
    Relatives & friends - the best resource for family relationship
    Possessions, and their value - actual and as perceived by their owner
    Places - associated with the deceased
    Social context & relationships - who the deceased was involved with and how.
  • Other probate documents and what they can tell you
  • Problems encountered
  • Where to find pre-1858 wills
  • The value of probate indexes
  • The National Wills Index project
Download free PDF of the presentation (3.4MB)
Download presentation offers access to a wealth of unique and hard to find genealogy records, dating back to the 1200s from Britain and Ireland, including: Marriage and Apprentice records, Poor Law abstracts, Passenger Lists, Griffith's Valuation, Court and Militia records, Electoral Registers, Irish Directories PLUS the National Wills Index, the principal online resource for pre-1858 English probate material.
Download free PDF of the presentation