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About Court of Husting Will Abstracts 1258-1688
Calendar of Wills Proved and Enrolled in the Court of Husting, London 1258-1688
Published 1890
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About the collection
These two volumes contains indexed abstracts (summaries) to wills proved in the Court of Husting 1258-1357 and 1358-1688.

The Court of Husting was a civil court, which had probate jurisdiction within the ancient City of London from medieval times through most of the 17th century when it became obsolete.
Where are the originals held?
These wills are detailed abstracts (summaries) of the original wills and contain the key information given in the original probate material.

Copies of the original wills held at The London Metropolitan Archives (LMA).

To purchase a copy of the will you need to contact LMA for an order form. Upon completing the form you will need to provide the key information and document references given in the abstract. They will then advise you of the cost and payment methods etc.

Alternatively you can visit London Metropolitan Archives personally, details of opening hours etc can be found on their website.

Additionally FamilySearch has filmed the majority of these probate documents, a microfilm copy of which can be ordered and viewed via your local FamilySearch Family History Center.

What information from the document do I need to locate the original?
  • Testator's name
  • Place / Residence
  • Year/ date of will
  • Document references given in the abstract
Understanding the index
Which court or courts are included?
This dataset contains indexed abstracts (summaries) to wills proved in the Court of Husting 1258-1688.

What does the abstract include?
The abstracts include all personal names (testator, beneficiaries etc) with their relationships, place names, occupations, bequests of money and, in most cases, bequests of furniture, livestock, clothes and other possessions, and descriptions of lands. Also includes place of burial.

Names are arranged alphabetically. This means some name variants may not appear clustered together. Names in the index are according to the spelling used in the documents, usually based on the signaturee of the testator.

Dates are given in 'Old Style' or Julian Calendar.
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