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About British Record Society Probate Collection

Wills at Salisbury, 1464-1858

British Record Society Volumes 122 & 123
Published 2009
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About the index
This is index to the various courts of the Diocese of Salisbury.
The main courts were:
  • Bishop's Consistory Court
  • The two Archdeaconry courts (the Archdeaconry of Wiltshire in the north; the Archdeaconry of Sarum in the south of the county)
  • The Sub-Dean's Court covering Salisbury and Stratford sub Castle, and the Dean's Court.
  • Additionally, there were several small jurisdictions covering either a single parish or group of parishes, attached to various lay or clerical dignitaries.
As a result, there are records for 29 different jurisdictions at Wiltshire and Swindon Archives, covering the whole of Wiltshire, parts of Dorset, Hampshire and Berkshire and the Devon parish of Uffculme.

Probate Jurisdictions in the Diocese of Salisbury
Locating the original documents
Where are the originals held?
The original wills are held at Wiltshire and Swindon Archives

This British Record Society (BRS) index was produced as part of the Wiltshire Wills Project, being a collaboration between Wiltshire and Swindon Archives and the BRS.

Wiltshire and Swindon Archives are now making available copies of all of these wills to purchase online but please note that this is an ongoing process so not all of the wills are yet available online. The reference provided here is the same full reference as required by the Archives. To locate an image online

Where an image is not yet available online please contact Wiltshire and Swindon Archives by e-mail, phone, fax or letter complete with full details including references. Full details including current costs can be found at

Alternatively you can visit Wiltshire and Swindon Archives personally, details of opening hours etc can be found on their website.

Additionally FamilySearch has filmed the majority of these probate documents, a microfilm copy of which can be ordered and viewed via your local FamilySearch Family History Center.

What information from the document do I need to locate the original?
  • Testator's name
  • Abode
  • Year
  • References
Understanding the index
Which court or courts are included?
This is index to the probate material of the various courts of the Diocese of Salisbury.

Which diocese is involved?
Wiltshire was in the Diocese of Salisbury

What does the index include?
All names and places appearing in the will plus incidental information such as occupation where found in the original documents are included in the index.

Names are arranged alphabetically. This means some name variants may not appear clustered together. Names in the index are according to the spelling used in the documents, usually based on the signaturee of the testator.

Dates of pre 1752 wills are given in 'Old Style' or Julian Calendar.

The folio number identifies the group of pages, anywhere from 2 to 16, within which the will's first page appears.

Abbreviations in the index
Abbreviation   Meaning
AB administration bond
a/c account
admon administration
aff affidavit
alleg allegation
All C. All Cannings
Alton B. Alton Barnes
Alton P. Alton Pancras
Alton Pr. Alton Priors
Amesb. Amesbury
And. Andrew
Anth. Anthony
Ashton G. Ashton Giffard
Ashton K. Ashton Keynes
Aston U. Aston Upthorpe
Barford St M. Barford St Martin
Beam. Beaminster
Benj. Benjamin
Bere R. Bere Regis
Berks. Berkshire
Berwick B. Berwick Bassett
Bower C. Bower Chalke
Bps. C. Bishops Cannings
Bradford A. Bradford on Avon
Brinkw. Brinkworth
Brixton D. Brixton Deverill
Broad B. Broad Blunsdon
Broad C. Broad Chalke
Broad H. Broad Hinton
Brokenb. Brokenborough
Broughlon G. Broughton Gilford
Bulk. Bulkington
Calstone W. Calstone Wellington
Castle C. Castle Combe
Cath. Catherine
Chards. Chardstock
Charl. nr. P. Charlton near Pewsey
Chas. Charles
Chilton F. Chilton Foliat
Chipp. Chippenham
Chitterne AS Chitterne All Saints
Chris. Christopher
Chr. M. Christian Malford
clothw. clothworker
Clyffe P. Clyffe Pypard
Codf. Codford
Collingboume D. Collingbourne Ducis
Collingboume K. Collingbourne Kingston
Compton B. Compton Bassett
Compton C. Compton Chamberlayne
Coombe B. Coombe Bissett
Crick. Cricklade
Crick. St S. Cricklade St Sampson
D deposition
Dan. Daniel
Dilton M. Dilton Marsh
Donhead St A. Donhead St Andrew
Draycot C. Draycot Cerne
E. East
Edmd. Edmund
Edwd. Edward
Eliz. Elizabeth
Figh. Figheldean
Fisherton A. Fisherton Anger
Fisherton D. Fisherton Delamere
Fonthill B. Fonthill Bishop
Fonthili G. Fonthill Gifford
Fugg. Fugglestone
Geo. George
Geoff. Geoffrey
Gilbt. Gilbert
Grn Green
Gt. Great
GVD Granted at the Metropolitan Visitation to Dorchester
GVS Granted at the Metropolitan Visitation to Salisbury
Hampstead N. Hampstead Norris
Hanging L. Hanging Langford
Hants. Hampshire
Heyles. Heylesbury
Highworth Highw.
Hill D. Hill Deverill
Hilp. Hilperton
Hy. Henry
I inventory
inty interrogatory
Jas. James
Jn. John
Jos. Joseph
Kingston D. Kingston Deverill
Kington L. Kington Langley
Kington St M. Kington St Michael
L letter
LA letters of admon
Lawr. Lawrence
Littleton P. Littleton Pannell
Lt. Little
Longbridge D. Longbridge Deverill
Ludg. Ludgershall
Lydiard M. Lydiard Millicent
Lydiard T. Lydiard Tregoze
Lyme R. Lyme Regis
Maiden B Maiden Bradley
Malm. Malmesbury
Manningford A. Manningford Abbots
Marl. Marlborough
Mart. Martin
Melk. Melksham
Mgt. Margaret
Milton L. Milton Lilborne
Mkt. L. Market Lavington
Monkton D. Monkton Deverill
Monkton F. Monkton Farleigh
Motc. Motcombe
My. Mary
N. North
NBI Place suggested by National Burial Index
NEP No evidence of probate
Netherb. Netherbury
Nether C. Nether Compton
Netherh. Netherhampton
Newton T. Newton Tony
Nich. Nicholas
Norton B. Norton Bavant
nr near
NW nuncupative will
O oath
Ogbourne St A. Ogbourne St Andrew
Over C. Over Compton
PCC Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Pott. Potterne
Quidh. Quidhampton
Rams. Ramsbury
Rd. Richard
ren renunciation
req requisition
Robt. Robert
Rodbourne C. Rodbourne Cheney
Ryme I. Ryme Intrinsica
S. South
Sal. Salisbury
Sam. Samuel
Sherb. Sherborne
Somerford K. Somerford Keynes
Stanton St B. Stanton St Bernard
Stanton St Q. Stanton St Quintin
Steeple A. Steeple Ashlon
Steeple L. Steeple Langford
Steph. Stephen
Stoke F. Stoke Farthing
Stratfield M. Stratfield Mortimer
Stratford sub C. Stratford sub Castle
Sutton B. Sutton Benger
Sutton C. Sutton Courtenay
Sutton M. Sutton Mandeville
Sutton V. Sutton Veny
T tuition bond
Teffont E. Teffont Evias
Teffont M. Teffont Magna
Thos. Thomas
Tilsh. Tilshead
Tinh. Tinhead
Tisb. Tisbury
Trowb. Trowbridge
Tytherton L. Tytherton Lucas
Uffc. Uffculme
Upton L. Upton Lovell
Upton S. Upton Scudamore
Urchf. Urchfont
vict. victualler
W will
W. West
Wanb. Wanborough
Warm Warminster
Wedh. Wedhampton
Westb. Westbury
Westb. L. Westbury Leigh
Whitep. Whiteparish
Winterborne K. Winterborne Kingston
Winterborne M. Winterborne Muston
Winterbourne D. Winterbourne Dauntsey
Winterbourne E. Winterbourne Earls
Winterbourne G. Winterbourne Gunner
Winterbourne M. Winterbourne Monkton
Winterbourne S. Winterbourne Stoke
Wm. William
Wokm. Wokingham
Woodb. Woodborough
Wootton B. Wootton Bassett
Wootton R. Wootton Rivers
Wr wrapper
Wrou. Wroughton
Yetm. Yetminster

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