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About Middlesex & City of London Burials 1560-1909

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Middlesex & City of London Burials Index covers over 169,100 burials for the period 1560-1909, with a handful later (9 records up to 1965).

The index contains surname and forename, age where given in the register, year of burial, parish and additional info / notes, which may include information such as addresses, parents names and other personal details.

This collection can help you locate individuals who were living in London or Middlesex at a particular time, ie before the date of their death. It is also likely (though you cannot be 100% sure) that they had been living in the area where they were buried. So if you suspect an ancestor might have been living in London or Middlesex, searching these records may help confirm this.

The International Genealogical Index (IGI) transformed genealogical research, and made the tracing of ancestry much easier. However the IGI covers mainly baptisms, with a few marriages and no burials at all. English parish burial registers after 1813 almost always include the age at death. This is a vital detail in the further tracing of the family, but actually to find an entry is very difficult. There will rarely be any tradition or other evidence to guide you to a date. In most cases, the ancestor could have died aged anything between 25 and 100. Nowhere is tracing a burial more difficult than in the City of London, where there are so many registers to search. There are 98 burial registers, or series of registers in the City area for the period 1813-1857. Burials were ended by official order in most parishes in 1853 and in all by 1857. Many had ceased or virtually ceased to have burials for 10-15 years prior to that. To search all these registers for an ancestor would be a daunting and probably fruitless task, since the majority of burials took place outside the city.

Cliff Webb began work in 1978 on a general index to these burials. Because of the serious deficiencies in the pre-1866 death indexes at the Family Records Centre, the index carries right on to the end of the burial registers, rather than ending in 1837.
City of London Burials
The Index covers 36,000 burials primarily for the period 1813-1854, but with a handful earlier (22 burials from 1781 to 1811) and later (29 from 1855 to 1904). The index contains surname, forename, age as given in the register, year of burial (and in the case of St Sepulchre only the month), and parish name. The parishes are all in the City proper, except Charterhouse Chapel (Finsbury), St Mark Myddelton Square (Clerkenwell) and St Thomas Charterhouse (Finsbury), which although just outside the City are small entities, easily missed by searchers.

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Cliff Webb was greatly aided by various members of West Surrey, West Middlesex and North Middlesex Family History Societies, especially by Connie Foulds of West Surrey FHS. Gordon Lickfold transcribed, typed and indexed the very large parish of St Sepulchre. Rosemary Cleaver undertook the enormous and very frustrating task of scanning the whole into a computer, and combining the two typescript parts into one alphabetical sequence. In this she was aided by June Rudman, Kate Maslen and Peter Cleaver who checked the material as she produced it. The whole index is therefore now held in electronic form. Tim Wilcock prepared the original typescript index for microfiche publication, typed the first version of the notes on this index.

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