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About Somerset & Dorset Notes and Queries 1890-1980

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Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset began publication in 1888 and has continued in unbroken sequence ever since. It provides a "repository for the preservation of facts relating to the present of past history of the district, and a medium of intercommunication among those whom are connected with it by ties of birth or interest". This very general objective means that a rich miscellany of information can be found for Somerset & Dorset, including articles on the history, archaeology, genealogy, folklore and literature of the two counties. For many decades Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset was the only dedicated journal for family historians specifically for the counties of Somerset and Dorset. Consequently there is a mass of important material of interest and value to the family historian, including family trees, parish register extracts, wills, inventories, property records, copies of documents in private hands and articles on the emigration, militia, shipping, churchwardens, the civil war, the Monmouth Rebellion and much, much more.

The first thirty volumes of Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset (henceforth "SDNQ"), covering the period 1890 to 1980, are now available in facsimile form, fully indexed, on British Origins. You can search on people, places and general topics, or use the Free Text search, and access any of the 7,646 articles, on nearly 10,000 pages published in this period.

Searching SDNQ
SDNQ can be searched by index terms (peoples names, placenames, or other terms), or by free text. You can choose which method to use by selecting the relevant radio button on the Search page.

Please note: The text version has been created by OCR (Optical Character Recognition), where images of the original pages have been read by software which recognises the printed characters. However, where the original print is difficult to read - as is sometimes the case in SDNQ - the recognised text may be incorrect. Although the accuracy of the recognised text is good enough for search purposes, you may prefer to read the images rather than the text version. On the text version page click the Image button to view the image of that page.

On both Image and Text pages you can browse the volume using the Previous and Next buttons, or enter Volume and Page number to go directly to a page. Index records show Volume and Page for the original publication, which may be of value to those of you with access to the original volumes.

In the index terms forenames are often abbreviated, so you should allow for this when you search. For example, William is often shown as "Wm.". The * wild card can be of great help to make sure you don't miss names of interest.

Acknowledgements wishes to thank Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset for making this collection available for online publication. We especially acknowledge the help of Adrian Webb for facilitating the whole process.

The digitised images of Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset including the digitised indexes are copyright 2008 Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset and

SDNQ continues to flourish and has published six further volumes, available to members. Click here to access a pdf file giving details of how to join and receive your own printed copies of SDNQ twice a year. Members are encouraged to contribute to the journal with their own queries, notes and articles, but this is not essential. Volumes 31 onwards are available for sale to members. Click here for membership form (pdf)

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