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About Surrey Marriage Index 1500–1846

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This index, kindly made available by West Surrey Family History Society, covers nearly 270,000 marriages - ie 540,000 brides and grooms - for the whole of rural Surrey, portions of Metropolitan Surrey, some Middlesex parishes, and strays from all over the UK, especially London, Middlesex and Sussex.

The Index is complete for Surrey up to 1837 except some Metropolitan parishes – it contains all the parishes of West and rural East Surrey. There are also a substantial number (43,000) of entries from Middlesex parishes for the period 1813-1837 derived from a slip index created by Cliff Webb for this period.

While most marriages are from Surrey parish registers (see the parish listings for details), the Index now also contains over 4,000 stray marriages from outside Surrey and over 11,000 Marriage Licence Allegations for the periods 1662-1665 & 1674-1770 (as published by Bax in 1907, and re-published by the West Surrey Family History Society on microfiche no.26).

Contents of the records
The Surrey Marriage Index records contain the date of the marriage, including the month and day unless these were not present in the original document, the names of both parties, their abode if they gave one, and whether the marriage was by Banns or Licence if this was stated.

As with any index, the Surrey Marriage Index is a finding aid only; there may well be more information in the original register entry, e.g. occupation, which is not in the index. Particularly after 1754, there are witnesses in the original documents who are not in the index. Also many entries only have a partial date (e.g. year only) so that you will need to consult the original to obtain this date for your research to be complete.

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Strays: Marriage that occurred outside an area (e.g. Surrey) but where one of the parties stated that they were from that area.

Slip Index: A substantial number of handwritten index slips, covering around 30-50,000 additional Surrey marriages, are still to be computerised. These index records will be added to the Surrey Marriage Index as soon as they become available.
West Surrey Family History Society The Surrey Marriage Index is copyright © 2008-2011 Tim Wilcock, West Surrey Family History Society and The Origins Network.

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