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As you may be aware, Origins is now part of the Findmypast family. You can now browse all Origins records alongside many millions more at Findmypast. Head to and use the promotional code ORIGINS1 to browse millions of records for a special price of just £1.
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You can also continue to explore all our records here at Origins until early 2015.
About, founded in 1997, offers online access to some of the richest ancestral information available to help you research your family history. services include subscription access to exclusive genealogy related collections on British Origins, Irish Origins, National Wills Index, plus free Scots Origins services.

Our unique primary genealogical data for researching your family history online includes censuses, marriage registers, wills, passenger lists, court, burial, militia, and apprentice records, as well as downloadable images of original maps and plans used in 19th surveys. Most of this information is not available anywhere else on the internet.

Through, family historians and professional researchers can:
  • Research comfortably from your computer, saving time and travel costs
  • Access exclusive source data collections and research from UK and Ireland specialists
  • Use FREE state-of-the-art technology to locate records across the internet
  • Stay regularly updated with exciting new UK and Irish collections

Speed Your Research offers a treasure-trove of research aids to genealogy records and images that are physically stored in many different places.
"The English, Scottish and Irish don't have a historical reputation for harmony. But the threesome blends perfectly at"
Family Tree Magazine
Exclusive Primary Data is known for our commitment to providing access to high quality data.

Our partnerships with leading archives and genealogical societies in the UK and Ireland, including the National Library of Ireland, and the Borthwick Institute for Archives, allow us to provide exclusive online access to important primary sources, abstracts and index databases, including definitive versions of key Irish material (Griffith's Valuation). For many source documents, users of services can place orders online for hard copies.

The only other way to access most of this material is by travelling to the source archives in the UK and Ireland.

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"The data goes so far back it makes your eyes water."
Webuser Magazine
Unique UK/Ireland Offering
Although other major online genealogy companies have some UK and Irish records, their focus on United States data means they don't have the local expertise and access to unique source records that, with our focus on the UK and Ireland, can offer.

Additionally, offerings from genealogical companies, which focus on the UK or Ireland, only give users only half the story. The extent of migration between England and Ireland and the commonality of many names has, compounded with the passing of time, been a cause for confusion even to natives of Britain and Ireland, who need to be able to access source data from both areas to pinpoint their real origins.

If you are one of the 20% of Americans who can trace their origins back to Ireland, and over 15% with British origins, as well as the many Australians and Canadians of British and Irish descent, you'll need even more help sorting out their roots.
" is the only commercial website in the world offering the opportunity for users to view and order British primary source data online including births, marriages, deaths and wills, dating from the 1550's to 1925"
Technology Leaders
The first company to put official genealogical vital records online, continues to pioneer in the technology of online genealogical record search and retrieval.

All of our services feature NameX ®, the most powerful name-matching technology available. Vastly superior to the widely-used Soundex, NameX ® will locate a wider range of genuine variants of your ancestor's name than any other software, which is important as many names have common historical variations in spelling, or have been spelled incorrectly on important records.
" is becoming recognised as the ultimate Web resource [for genealogy] in the British Isles..."
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Find out more than you expect
Much of our material is very rich; the records often tell you far more than you might expect. With you get a lot more than just names dates and places. Our datasets truly help “put flesh on the skeletons” of your ancestors, with information about their families, where and how they lived, what they did. For example:
Our apprentice records don’t just give the apprentice’s name, but his father’s name and occupation and whether he was still alive, where they were living, who he (or she) became apprenticed to, and where. From the date of the apprenticeship you can also get a good idea of the apprentice’s age.
The Surrey & South London Will Abstracts provide an extraordinary amount of detail: names of relatives and friends; sometimes comments on their relationships (sometimes love; sometimes hatred); with the bequests providing unique details on what was considered of value at the time – which can be quite unexpected.
Poor law records are probably the most valuable records of all – if you are lucky enough to find an ancestor who applied for poor law relief. These records contain unparalled detail on families, what they did, and where they lived.
"British Origins is an essential online stop. It has unique resources and key index tools (apprenticeship records and Boyd's indexes are my favourites) as well as a real commitment to quality."
Sherry Irvine, past President of the Association of Genealogists
What our subscribers say about us…
“Compliments to all concerned with the Origins system. It is the most efficient and useful tool I have found on the web so far. May it grow and grow” (L.T. – UK )

“Thank you, thank you from all his Canadian relatives. We have been looking to find this man my Great Great Uncle for 5 years!” (S.A – Canada)

“ I am just overwhelmed with the service rendered herein…it means so much to me to know where I came from ad infinitum. Thanks!” (M.D. UK)

“…I have successfully used your Origins several times now. I would give it a resounding "two thumbs up." I do not have access to a LDS Center and I find it an indispensable tool.” (R.G., USA)

“The secure online ordering of the records cannot be easier, making this the model for all future records offices to use as they develop their online presence.” (Cyndi Howells, Cyndi's List,

“It is a terrific service and the certificates I ordered have aided me greatly in my family tree research - although it was rather a surprise to learn the family came originally from Ireland!!” (A.C., USA)

“By the way, I wanted to tell you how terrific your service is. Your website is very well set-up; easy to navigate, clear tutorials... what a boon to researchers... It would have taken me forever to learn what I have in a few short months. So congratulations to all of you. Thanks again” (J.B., USA)

“I've been trying for about 3 years to find the birth place of my g.grandmother.  This morning I found the marriage of her parents on your site and subsequently her birth in Mullingar!!  Thank you sooooooooooo much.” (S. Waller, UK)

“Just visited for the first time...awesome, awesome job...thank you so very much!” (Amy, Florida, USA)

"You have a great web site....  Sites like yours are very helpful & extremely informative - thanks!" (Linda, MA, USA) office
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