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All Christian names are given in full using the most usual spelling of common names which were abbreviated in the earlier volume and retaining the spelling of the original for unusual Christian names.

All details of places of residence given in the documents are recorded here. The spelling of place names has been standardised using the forms given in Margaret Gelling, The Place-Names of Oxfordshire, English Place Name Society, volumes 23-24 (1971). Unidentifiable minor place names are given in inverted commas.

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Occupation and status
Sometimes a person is described as of one occupation or status in one document and of a different one in another, as for example Robert Charles of Neithrop who calls himself ‘innholder’ in his will, but is described as ‘labourer’ in his inventory of 1724. This is recorded here as ‘innholder, lab.’ that is with a comma between the two occupations, to distinguish such persons from those who describe themselves or are described as of two occupations (such as for example John Barnes of 1790 who calls himself ‘blacksmith and innkeeper’ in his will).

Dates are not given in full here, only the year is specified. Dates of wills are the dates of probate unless otherwise specified. In accordance with contemporary usage literally transcribed in Cheyne’s index for the peculiars and on all slips written for this index all dates to 1752 are given in ‘old style’. Thus the documents listed here as 1600 run from 25 March 1600 to 24 March 1600/1, and the earliest consistory and archdeaconry records listed here are those of 25 March 1733 as the previous index continued to 24 March 1732/3.

In each entry here immediately after the date all loose documents found for the person named are listed followed by references to copies of wills or to grants of administration recorded in registers or act books, and finally the reference numbers of the loose documents are given. All these Oxfordshire probate records were first referenced in the Bodleian Library (or re-referenced in the case of volumes which had been referenced in the Principal Probate Registry) and these references given here in abbreviated form are still in use in Oxfordshire Record Office. While you can order hard copies of the source documents directly from the index records (ie the references are automatically sent to Oxfordshire Record Office), the references should be quoted in full by researchers requesting the records at the Record Office or referring to them in publications.

As in the previous volumes the consistory and archdeaconry records referenced MSS.Wills Oxon. are referred to here by numbers alone; the records of the peculiars referenced MSS.Wills peculiars always have the abbreviation ‘Pec.’ prefixed to numbers here. All loose documents are listed in the form 2/3/4 or Pec.32/3/4 indicating the fourth document in the third bundle of a box referenced MS.Wills Oxon.2 or MS.Wills peculiars 32. Items in volumes are listed in the form 95.1 or Pec.11.1 which indicates that the entries indexed occur on folio 1 of the volume MS.Wills Oxon.95 (the earliest register of consistory wills indexed here) or of the volume MS.Wills peculiars 11 (the first register of wills of the Lincoln peculiars). All references to registers of wills are to copies of wills unless some other class of document is specified in brackets after the folio number. Click here for a List of probate records given in numerical order of the references as listed. This serves as a key whereby the first number in any reference can be used to discover to which series the item indexed belongs. The list also shows the obsolete references given to all the volumes indexed here which were previously in the Principal Probate Registry, the references used in the Cheyne indexes.

An index of all the Banbury, Cropredy, Horley and Hornton and King’s Sutton, and Sibford peculiars probate records edited by Jeremy Gibson was published jointly by the Oxfordshire Record Society and the Banbury Historical Society in 1959. This volume has frequently been referred to in the course of work on this index, and it is not entirely superseded by the present volume. It was compiled from the Cheyne indexes while the records were still in the Principal Probate Registry, and so it has only obsolete Cheyne references for volumes and no references for loose documents. It does however include the numerous early Banbury wills and administrations which are to be found in the consistory and archdeaconry series (though not those to be found there for Sibford), and it gives the complete date of probate or administration, not just, as here, the year. It is, with its place and occupation indexes, listing all Banbury persons in one single slim volume, still a particularly useful work of reference for anyone only concerned with that northern area of the county.

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