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Introduction to, founded in 1997, pioneered the provision of genealogical database services on the web and offers exceptionally rich content for the genealogist, the family history researcher, and the social historian. Most of our content is not available online anywhere else. Based in the UK, we have partnerships with major content owners in the Britain and Ireland and are one of the main providers of high quality British and Irish genealogical data. New and exclusive data is regularly added to our databases and we are partnering with an increasing number of organizations who own high quality source material.

By offering access to, you will enable your visitors to:
  • Access key UK and Irish source records
  • Find information that is available nowhere else on the Internet
  • Complement other online genealogy subscriptions
As well as the records themselves, provides a mass of detail about the records, their value to the researcher and how to use them, which is unique among genealogy-oriented web sites.

Our library subscription offers a simple way of making this material available freely to your users. includes three main collections: National Wills Index, British Origins and Irish Origins.
National Wills Index
National Wills Index Wills are among the most important of all resources to the family history researcher, but can be very difficult to track down. The National Wills Index is intended to solve this problem, and is the largest and most comprehensive online resource for pre-1858 English probate material. It has become a fundamental resource for family and social history research. Most of the material on the National Wills Index is available nowhere else online, and much has not previously been published anywhere.

Continually growing, the index itself includes wills of millions of people from every English county and beyond, and is complimented by digitised images of source documents (currently for Cheshire, Lancashire, Oxfordshire, with more becoming available throughout 2013) and an ever increasing collection of will abstracts, dating back to the 14th C.

Abstracts contain the names of all people mentioned in a will, their relationships, details of bequests, and references to places associated with the testator - and are immediately readable, unlike many of the source documents. works closely with numerous independent bodies, including FamilySearch, local record offices and record societies, in the on-going development of the National Wills Index.
British Origins
British Origins British Origins contains some of the richest British genealogy records online. The datasets below are unique to
  • London Apprenticeships 1442-1850: a particularly valuable for the family and social historian, including names of apprentices, fathers & masters, places, dates; 1/2 million names
  • Marriages: definitive indexes for Dorset marriages 1838-1856 (over 500,000 names), Surrey marriages (over 500,000 names), York marriage licences (over 300,000 names)
  • Greater London Burials 1544-1905: over 1/2 million burial records for London, Middlesex and Surrey (south London)
  • Poor Law Abstracts 1581–1899 an exceptional source of information on families and their movements, which can be found in no other records.
  • Court records 1574-1714: inheritance and property disputes
  • Somerset Electoral Registers 1832-1914: fully searchable; over 3 million names
  • Somerset and Dorset notes and queries 1890-1979: fully searchable, a superb resource for the family historian of all kinds of West Country information.
plus baptismal, census, militia, and passenger records. New datasets are added regularly, and these are rarely available elsewhere.
Irish Origins
Irish Origins A major resource for Irish research. Key material includes:
  • Irish directories: the largest collection of 19th C Irish directories available online, exclusive to Over 70, fully-searchable, directories are currently available, including a complete run of Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for 1844 - 1900; these contain millions of names. Nearly 300 more 19th & 18th C directories and almanacks will be made available during 2013. Few, if any, libraries world-wide have access to this range of material.
  • Griffith’s Valuation of Ireland 1847-1864 : the definitive version of the most important 19th century database for Irish genealogical research, along with digitised versions of the Ordnance Survey maps and Irish town plans which were used and marked-up by the Griffith’s Valuation team (these maps and plans are not available anywhere else online). This is a fundamental resource for Irish research.
  • Probate indexes 1270-1858: over 200,000 names
  • Irish Memorial inscriptions from burial grounds in Clare, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Mayo, Sligo, Wexford & Wicklow
plus electoral registers, marriage, militia, passenger, and more census and "census substitute" records.
“[Origins] is a truly unique service… when coupled with the powerful name comparison engine (NameX), it would be difficult to find a more complete service for genealogical data for the United Kingdom."
RWAP Genealogy Software Review
NameXtm, a key feature of all products, is a proprietary name-matching technology, one of the most powerful and sophisticated search tools available on the Web. NameX powered searches locate a wider range of genuine variants of a person’s name than any other software, which is important as many names have common historical variations in spelling or have been spelled incorrectly on some important records.

NameX is vastly superior to the widely used Soundex for finding name variants. For example, in a list of 55 million surnames, NameX identified 147 highly plausible variants for the name Wilson; Soundex identified 1185 "variants", of which nearly 90% are unlikely in the extreme (e.g. Wahlgamath, Whilesmith, Willigenburg).

NameX works with both forenames and surnames, and can be set to different levels so that the user can tailor each search.
“Compliments to all concerned with the Origins system. It is the most efficient and useful tool I have found on the web so far. May it grow and grow”
(L.T. – UK)

“Thank you, thank you from all his Canadian relatives. We have been looking to find this man my Great Great Uncle for 5 years!”
(S.A – Canada)

“ I am just overwhelmed with the service rendered herein…it means so much to me to know where I came from ad infinitum. Thanks!”
(M.D. UK)

“…I have successfully used your Origins several times now. I would give it a resounding "two thumbs up." I do not have access to a LDS Center and I find it an indispensable tool.”
(R.G., USA)

“The secure online ordering of the records cannot be easier, making this the model for all future records offices to use as they develop their online presence.”
(Cyndi Howells, Cyndi's List,

“It is a terrific service and the certificates I ordered have aided me greatly in my family tree research - although it was rather a surprise to learn the family came originally from Ireland!!”
(A.C., USA)

“By the way, I wanted to tell you how terrific your service is. Your website is very well set-up; easy to navigate, clear tutorials... what a boon to researchers... It would have taken me forever to learn what I have in a few short months. So congratulations to all of you. Thanks again”
(J.B., USA)

“No problem, quite the reverse.  I've been trying for about 3 years to find the birth place of my g.grandmother.  This morning I found the marriage of her parents on your site and subsequently her birth in Mullingar!!  Thank you sooooooooooo much.”
(S. Waller, UK)

“Just visited for the first time...awesome, awesome job...thank you so very much!”
(Amy, Florida, USA)

"You have a great web site....  Sites like yours are very helpful & extremely informative - thanks!"
(Linda, MA, USA)
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NB VAT at 20% will apply to subscriptions for EU-based institutions.

Multi-location library service: Please contact for a quotation.
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